The site is about dentistry and healthy lifestyles
Учреждение здравоохранения
Витебская городская клиническая
стоматологическая поликлиника
Our address:
Republic of Belarus
210004 Vitebsk
ul.M.Gorkogo, 34
Hours of operation:
Пн-Пт: 8.00-20.00
20.00-8.00- reception acute pain
Сб: 8.00-14.00- dezhrnye experts
Пн-Пт: 6.30-20.00
Сб: 7.45-15.00
Пн-Пт: 8.00-20.00
Сб: 8.00-14.00
Our contacts :
Tel./Fax 34-36-40
34-35-48, 34-54-84,
МТС 8-029-815-41-70,
Velcom 8-029-338-90-55
Emergency psychiatric care :
Online Resources:
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       We welcome you to our site!        
   Healthy and beautiful teeth - a sign of success and consistency, a reflection of our way of life, it is the way to health of our entire body. In order for you to be healthy and beautiful, and there is our dental clinic.

       Our motto - quality assurance responsibility.
   The fundamental principle of our work - is the individual responsibility of the attending physician and the entire staff for the quality of dental services, attentive and caring attitude to each patient.   Over the years we have managed to win the trust of our patients who are treated in our whole families to stay with us for many years, recommend us to their friends and family. We value that trust.   Our goal - the most embodied in the work of all the latest technology and methods, without giving well as proven over the years to use each of them individually for medical reasons.   Specialists of our clinic - a team of like-minded people. Dentistry for them - it's not just a job, and the business of life. Not stopping there, they constantly raise the level of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, take part in international conferences, symposia, exhibitions and workshops.
   Our clinic provides a full range of dental services:
       - dental treatment under local anesthesia;
       - removal of teeth     under local anesthesia;
       - outpatient surgery;
       - conservative treatment of diseases of the maxillofacial area;
       - treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa and periodontal tissue;
       - physiotherapy;
       - x-ray diagnostics.
     - treatment and removal of teeth under local anesthesia with a wide range of modern restorative materials and tools obezbolevayuschih imported;
       - conduct by professional tooth cleaning, individual selection of hygiene;
       - treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa and periodontal tissue;
       - implanting operation;
       - splinting of teeth;
       - fissure sealing teeth;
       - orthopedic treatment.

On discharge medications.
       On extracts of medicinal Bras by prescription due to the reduced list bezretseptnogo leave medicines in the pharmacy network, as well as concessional and free
obraschatsya to the deputy chief of the medical unit
Januszewski Inna Alekseevne
phones 34-38-27